A Cracked Ceiling Could Be a Cosmetic or Structural Issue

Ask us about our ceiling crack repair solutions in Etowah, Asheville, & Hendersonville, NC

Ceiling cracks can form as drywall shrinks, roof trusses lift and your home settles. However, large cracks can indicate structural problems. If you're not sure what caused the cracks in your ceiling, ask the structural repair experts in Etowah, Asheville, & Hendersonville, NC.

The ceiling crack repair specialists at Sexton Brothers Construction can examine your ceiling and recommend a solution. We'll be sure to look for red flags like...

  • Cracks in your walls
  • Sagging or sloping floors
  • Uneven cabinets or appliances

If we find any of these red flags, we might recommend structural repairs. Call 828-553-3600 now to get an estimate for ceiling crack repair services.

We'll get to the root of your structural problems

We'll get to the root of your structural problems

You can count on us to fix your cracked ceiling and put your Etowah & Hendersonville, NC area home back on level ground. Structural repair can involve...

  • Repairing, replacing or installing additional floor joists
  • Reinforcing your foundation or plates
  • Replacing the sill plate

Contact us today to discuss these solutions with our team.