Do You Know What's Going on Under Your House?

Avoid costly damage in Etowah, Asheville, & Hendersonville, NC with crawl space repair services

When you need crawl space repairs in the Etowah, Asheville, & Hendersonville, NC area, count on the pros at Sexton Brothers Construction for prompt and effective work. We can reinforce sagging floors, replace rotten joists and repair damaged sill plates to improve the stability of your crawl space.

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Seal out mold and moisture, lock in savings

Seal out mold and moisture, lock in savings

With our crawl space sealing services, you can enjoy:

  • Improved air quality-Crawl spaces can harbor mold and bacteria, but sealing your crawl space can prevent those contaminants from getting into your home.
  • Increased comfort-Encapsulating your crawl space helps control summer humidity and prevent freezing floors in the winter.
  • Lower utility bills-By preventing heat loss, our encapsulation process can reduce your energy use and lower your monthly expenses.

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